Strong and Courageous Women

Meet together with other fearless, strong and courageous women!

2nd Saturday of each month 9:00-11am. Contact Cathy Ellis for more information and location.



Women's D Groups

What is a 'D' Group? D is an abbreviation for Discipleship and D groups are gender specific groups of small size (3-5 people). The small size allows for serious discipleship learning and chances to really put feet to the Word of God through readings, memorizing verses, keeping journals and holding each other accountable.

Breakwater Ladies Bible Study consists of women of faith who meet once a week to strengthen their walk with the Lord. We meet at 9:30 am to 11 am each Wednesday at the church in the Lighthouse Kids classroom. We sing worship songs to music, have a snack together, pray and discuss homework questions as part of a guided study we have agreed upon.

Currently, our study is titled, "Living a Life you Love", by Joyce Meyer. This study offers practical applications, challenging activities, Biblical wisdom and thoughtful questions. Through this, we are able to adjust our perspective to love our lives fully, in spite of life's obstacles, to experience the happiness and fulfillment God has for us.

This group welcomes all women. Come and join us this Wednesday morning. We serve hot, fresh coffee too!

Wednesdays 9:30-11am. Contact Sharon Burt (760-729-4623) or Gail Stark for more information